Q & A

I thought I would make today’s blog post a little fun and do a little Q&A! I love reading blogs and one of my favorite posts are the Q&A ones. These questions are my most frequently asked by people. Enjoy! 🥰 Feel free to comment a little something about yourself as well!

1. How old are you?

I’m 25! 4th of July baby 🙂

2. How long have you & Vishal been together?

We met in 2014 but our relationship didn’t begin until the end of 2016. 4 years together total and 3 years married now. 🥰

3. What does Vishal do for a living?

He’s a freight planner for a trucking company. Hes been working from home since March and I hope that continues for awhile! He loves his job.🙂

4. Was Vishal mad or happy when you adopted Ellie without telling him?

Lolll oh lord. He was NOT happy at first! He kept telling me to take her back to the shelter! I just kept telling him she’s apart of our family now and here to stay. ☺️ of course it didn’t take long for him to fall in love with her. Now, she’s got her daddy wrapped around her finger!

5. Any plans for kids in the near future?

We just announced on Instagram yesterday! We are expecting our first child spring of 2021. We are so excited! I will do a blog post talking about our journey and answering all the questions soon!

6. Do you get along well with your in laws?

Absolutely. No questions asked. I am SO lucky to have such amazing in laws! Also, how cute are they?!

7. Do you plan to keep your hair short?

I think so! I haven’t touched it up since I initially got it cut so I need to do that! I really love it though. So much easier to maintain too. 😉

8. How old is Vishal?

31. He’s a Taurus and our baby will be one as well. They sure are stubborn 🤪

9. What kind of dogs do you have/ages?

Brownie is our big lab/husky mix, hence one brown eye and one blue eye. He will be 4 next month. Ellie will be a year old in a few weeks! She’s a lab retriever. We love our babies ❤️

10. Are you going to share more fashion on insta?

Yes I want too! I’ve felt so sick so far this pregnancy so I’m hoping this subsides and I’ll have more energy to post more!

That’s it! 10 of the most frequent questions I get are answered. Let me know if you want to see/know anything else! Also, just want to say thank you to whoever reads my blog truly means a lot. I honestly just do this for fun and love sharing different aspects of my life with y’all. ❤️

Xoxo Abbs 💋

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