My Top 10 Holy Grail Hair Products

Happy Monday! It’s a new week and I’m feeling motivated and determined to make it a good one! I can’t believe January is already almost over, where is the time going?! Today I’m going to share my top 10 holy grail hair products that I use the most and are most beneficial to my hair. My hair is naturally wavy and I found that these products enhance my natural hair. Here we go!

Kenra Revive Oil

I’ve been using this product religiously the past couple years and I’ll never go without it again! This gives my hair shine without looking greasy. It also keeps the frizz away and makes your hair so soft and healthy looking. You honestly can’t go wrong with any of the Kenra products IMO. 🙂

Miracle Silk Smoothing Balm

Ok I might be a little obsessed with the it’s a 10 products but they are just that good. This is another product I use daily for maximum hydration, smoothness, and it’s lightweight and smells good too!

Kenra finishing spray

This is by far my favorite finishing hairspray. It’s not super sticky, but it definitely holds your hair perfectly. I’ve tried so many different hairsprays and this one takes the cake. With over 3,000 good reviews as well. I’ll never go back to a different spray ever again. It adds texture, major volume, and keeps your hair in place all day long.

Kenra blow dry spray

This is the first product I’ll reach for after towel drying my hair after I wash it. I’ve noticed great results from this product. It cuts drying time in half and minimizes frizz. Honestly, this is one of the best hair products I’ve ever used. I can wear my hair completely natural the next morning after using this product and my hair looks great! Highly highly recommend.

Miracle leave in product

Another product I use daily and it works wonders. It truly is a miracle lol. I use this after washing as well to add extra shine to my hair but you can also use it on dry hair. It helps to repair damaged hair and adds silkiness. It is a pricier item but it truly works!

Miracle leave in plus keratin

Similar to the product listed above except for it promotes the natural keratin in your hair and helps restore dry and damaged hair. Another product I couldn’t recommend enough!

Dove dry shampoo

I’m obsessed with this dry shampoo. I love dove products in general, but this dry shampoo leaves my hair feeling voluminous and smelling so good. I’ve had people come up to me and ask me what I’m wearing and it’s simply this amazing $4 product! It doesn’t leave my hair dry at all. I do think it’s key to make sure you use it a few inches away from your hair and the roots are key!

Rose elixir spray

This stuff is amazing. 😍 Made with rose and almond oil it gives your hair the best smell ever. I mainly use it for the scent honestly haha.

Coconut oil

Ok I cannot rave about this product enough. Seriously, my hair has never looked or felt better in my life. I’ve been using this product for a few weeks and have seen noticeable results. Not only is my hair smoother and softer, it actually looks healthier than it ever has before. Do yourself a favor if you haven’t and run and grab this stuff. It’s affordable and is one of the best products out there. I remember in India my mother in law would lather mine and my SIL’s hair with coconut oil and she told us coconut oil is the best thing for your hair. She was right!

Kenra thickening mousse

I purchased this product a few years back when I had just been browsing Ulta. I don’t use this product frequently. Usually if I know we’re going somewhere and I have to wash my hair this is the product I’ll use afterwards. I love how thick it makes my hair look and the amount of volume it has. A little goes a long way and I’m careful not to use too much because it can make my hair look clumpy. It’s a good product to use if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to take your time doing your hair. 😉

That’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know what else you’d like to see on the blog. Stay tuned for a home post coming up. ☺️

Xx Abbie

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